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I have a gift for all the mamas out there 🎁

For me, being a mom is the most challenging job of all. 😓 Of course, it’s rewarding in so many ways but with three kids (two teenagers), sometimes I can’t deal with their poor attitude, laziness, or sloppiness. I know you moms can relate!   Whether your kids are young or grown-up, do you struggle with […]

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We’re starting on Wednesday, you coming?

Well, this is your chance to make a change BUT only if you’re SICK and TIRED of trying to do things on your own without getting the result you so badly want and need — because after all we are talking about your health and your future. 🔮 This is why I’ve opened my online […]

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Do you ever feel “wired but tired?”

So many of my clients complain that they are “wired but tired”. ⚡ You know that feeling… Your body is totally exhausted, and your mind is fried but you feel stress coursing through your body. Your heart rate is elevated, and you might be a little shaky. And your breath is shallow..It’s a crappy feeling, […]

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