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Quick story – I know you can relate!

Quick story and that I know you can relate to. 👯‍♀️

And I know this dilemma can wreck your day and mojo if you don’t handle it right.

So here it is…
I drove Rosie to gymnastics practice.  Her class starts at 6:30 pm and I am a sunset girl so I brought our dog so we could walk at the local park during sunset.  Sunny and I were both happy – the weather was great, sunset was gorgeous and I listened to fun peppy music.  Life was good! 😎

When driving home from class, Rosie requested a Wendy’s frosty.  I usually say no but we were both sweaty and it sounded so good.  Rosie was pleasantly surprised when I said, “let’s do it.” 

When in the drive-thru line, I had a big craving for French fries too.  I am a sucker for dipping my fries in the frosty – weird, but so satisfying with the sweet salty taste. 🍟🧋

So we went for it but after this yummy moment, my brain can go in two different directions:

1️⃣ I can enjoy the sh*t out of this yumminess.  BTW – Rosie and I did.  We were moaning with delight and laughing about our random combo. There was no guilt or worry that I sabotaged my whole day.  Instead, it was a once in a while treat that we truly savored.   End result = Great evening, fun memory with Rosie, yummy treat, and excited to get back to healthy habits the next day. 👍  

2️⃣ Unfortunately, most people end up in this second category filled with negative self talk.  “I just wrecked all my healthy habits today by splurging – why did I give in?”  “I just walked for an hour and expended 400 calories and then I wasted it by eating at Wendy’s.”    End result = Pissed at self, already forgot about beautiful walk, didn’t fully enjoy the treat, not truly present with kid, and a hit to your self-esteem and motivation. 👎

As you can see, our mind is the #1 factor when it comes to maintaining health mojo and seeing long-term success.

I have one task for you… Start to pay closer attention to your thoughts and thought patterns.
👉🏻 Are they kind and encouraging?

👉🏻 Are they critical and mean?

👉🏻 Do the same thoughts loop over and over again?

🧠 Unfortunately, or brains are programmed to worry and focus on what is NOT going right.  Totally normal!

🧠 The good news is that you can retrain your brain and heal your metabolism sooooo much faster.

✨✨✨ This is why mindfulness is such a HUGE part of our coaching program, Metabolism Mojo. I am not going to sugar coat this… Without this key factor, it is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve long-term success!   

So, if you want to gain control of your health (physically and mentally) and want the fast track, then schedule a free 1:1 consultation with us. 💥Click here to schedule (spots are limited).💥

During our no-pressure 45-minute Metabolism Mastery Call, we want to get to know you… where you are with your health, what habits are sabotaging your success, and figure out a realistic plan together. 🤝🏻

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