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Supplements You Should Take!

supplementsIn today’s world of power marketing and confusing information about nutrition & supplements, it’s hard to choose the right supplements for you. I’ve narrowed down this complicated process by answering key questions you should ask and listing my favorite supplements that everyone should take.

Your nutrition and lifestyle habits are the essential foundation to your health so I always promote these factors first. However, I do believe that basic nutritional supplementation is important to “supplement” our diet, which is usually lacking in many nutrients. When working with clients, I evaluate their current habits and health status to pinpoint a few key supplements for optimal health.

Many doctors tell their patients that supplementation is not needed…False! Here’s why:
– Today’s average diet, filled with processed foods, sugar and chemicals, is impossible to meet the minimum daily values for all nutrients. Are you able to eat the recommended 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily and 2-3 servings of cold ocean fish a week?
– In the United States, our soil is stripped of many essential nutrients because of the fast turnover of crops. Food today is lacking the same level of nutrients as that of the recent past.
– Many foods lose much of their nutrient density within days of harvest. Most fruits and vegetables at the supermarket are nutrient depleted.
– The cooking process strips our food of essential vitamins and minerals.

A lot of clients ask me to evaluate their one-a-day multi from Longs or their fish oil from Costco. My answer is usually: “You are wasting your money. Your body will not absorb the synthetic ingredients well and they are usually LOW potency”. Here are some key factors to look for:
Pharmaceutical Grade: These products meet pharmaceutical standards and are only sold to doctors and Registered Dietitians. The product must be in excess of 99% purity with no binders, fillers, dyes, or unknown substances.
United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Verified:The USP provides assurance to the consumer that the quality and purity of the raw materials utilized are of pharmaceutical grade.
I continually research all supplements/companies sold on our website for quality, purity, and cost. All our supplements are Pharmaceutical Grade and USP Verified.

From my extensive experience working with supplements, I recommend that everyone have two things daily:
1. Potent & Pure Omega-3 fatty Acids
Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA/EPA) promote brain clarity, cellular integrity, insulin control, and are essential for a healthy heart and skin. For children, Omega-3’s are crucial for their brain development.
Chewable for children over 3
Liquid for children under 3
2. High Quality Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Supplement
A good multi addresses our limited ability to attain a wide range of vitamins and minerals from our food. After breastfeeding, children need a high quality multi as well.
Chewable Whole Foods Multi
Liquid Multi

If you have questions regarding nutritional supplementation for yourself, you are welcome to call for a free consultation.

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