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Last minute dinner decisions driving you crazy? ⚡

There are too many women and moms out there who struggle with their health and achieving their ideal weight because they are too busy, they are disorganized, and their evening routine is a mess.

If you are that busy person who struggle with planning ahead and with last minute dinner decisions, then you’ll want to read this so you can save yourself a lot of time, frustration, and hassle. 

And if this hectic evening routine usually leads to late night cravings, then it will help with this too.

I get it!  I am a mom with 3 kids (in elementary, middle and high school).  We have lots of sports and extracurricular activities.  All fun stuff but evenings can be tough!  And one of the most frustrating things is that our schedule is always changing (with the sports seasons and day-by-day).

Our schedule may be overloaded and our to-do list is constantly rattling off in our minds.  After a busy day, our brains are fried and preparing a healthy dinner for the family may be an afterthought.  Eating out here and there is no biggie but when you are consistently struggling with dinner, this usually leads to cravings at night and guilt and frustration that you cannot reach your health goals.  

So instead of continuing with busy, disorganized evenings and constantly struggling with your health,  here’s what you can do to transform your evening routine to one that you are proud of:

🌮   If you want to gain control of your health and optimize your metabolism so you can naturally lose weight, then you have to make your health your main priority! Of course work deadlines and your kid’s schedules are important but always remember that your health is #1.

🥗  If your health is your main priority, then you need to set aside time for meal planning and prepping.  Dinner doesn’t magically appear.  You need to have a plan for the week and shop accordingly.  Sometimes, just taking the chicken out of the freezer in the morning is enough to get you motivated for dinner.

🍤  Along with your appointments and practices, schedule in dinner cook/prep time.  If know your evening will be crazy busy, then schedule prep time earlier.  And if that is not possible (which I totally understand), then sometimes it’s helpful to make a big dinner the night before… Leftovers. Basically, always have a plan.

Even if you consistently do one of these, you’ll finally start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  And you’ll feel more in control of your health without extra stress and drama.

Sometimes we need some help when it comes to getting our health and daily habits organized.  And if you struggle with making your health a priority, then you may benefit from some accountability and support.  We are here for you if you need help.  Click here to setup a free “Heal My Metabolism” Strategy Call

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