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Gluten Free Santa Barbara

Gluten FreeI discovered that it is getting easier to find gluten free products in Santa Barbara.   Lazy Acres and Whole Foods carry a variety of items and now even Vons has some items like brown rice pasta, crackers, etc.  Betsy has even given Gluten Free Talks at Whole Foods.

I found that Cantwell’s in Summerland has the biggest variety of gluten free products.  They have pizza dough (that is very easy to work with), crackers for the kids, cookies, bread, chips, baking goods, just about anything you can think of.  It’s a little pricey but less than if you’re ordering online usually.

Natural Cafe, Spirit Land Bistro and Sojourners seem to be the most mainstream healthy restaurants.  They seem to be the easiest places to take friends who are looking for yummy healthy food.

There are amazing gluten free recipes and meal ideas on our website.  I would suggest trying to cook meals for yourself as much as possible!  Or…you can always order some clean healthy food from us!  Betsy’s workbook also has tons of gluten free tips, food shopping lists, meal plans, and resources.

Nina Tafarella, Office Manager at Sunshine Wellness & Health Enthusiast

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