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“Once I lose the weight, I’ll…”

Do you find yourself always waiting?
“When I lose the weight… I’ll treat myself to new clothes.”
“When I lose the weight… I’ll sign up for that 5K race I’ve always wanted to do.”
“When my life calms down… I’ll dedicate more time to my health.”

Carpe Diem my friends! 
If you are always thinking ahead and putting extra pressure on yourself, that means you are missing out on right NOW!
This kind of stress only leads to health struggles and unhappiness.

Here is a beautiful quote to light your fire.


BIG Question for you… Are you living in the moment and truly appreciating what you have (NOW)?

  • So many people spend too much time in the past (with regrets, anger, resentment, and negative vibes).
  • And most people are living in the future.  I am guilty of this too.  It’s my nature to plan ahead and stay organized.  It brings me joy but I am aware that too much forward thinking takes me away from appreciating the present moment.

Let’s make this an amazing year! 
No more living in the past.
No more wishing for the future to change. 
Let’s appreciate right now. 
Because today, you have been given another opportunity… Another chance to make your life great.

So, if you have been waiting or wanting to transform your health but too scared to go for it, NOW is the time!  What are you waiting for?

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