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Why is it EASY for certain people to reach their health goals?

The people who can SEE THE VISION are the ones who succeed!

Last week, we did a 2 minute visualization exercise, which is so powerful.  Here’s the link in case you missed it.

I am continuing on this topic because a new year is coming up.  Instead of boring new year’s resolutions and goals that rarely pan out, you will see so much more results if you clarify your vision.

The typical New Year’s Resolution: “I want to drop 20 pounds”

  • So you join a workout program and hit it hard
  • You stop junk food and buy healthier foods

This should be enough, right?  But then the mindset gets in the way…

  • I still have a lot of cravings… this is so hard!
  • It was a crazy busy week… how am I supposed to keep this up forever?
  • I am working so hard… weight should be coming off faster… this is frustrating!
  • My family is not onboard with me… this is so much work!

You get the gist.  Will you actually stick with this throughout the year.  My guess is NO.

So how do you SUCCEED and make lasting lifestyle changes that feel good?  If you follow these 2 parts, you will succeed!
1.  Work on YOUR VISION!  Write it down.  Visualize it!  Share it with your mate.  There are many techniques – pick the method(s) that feels best for YOU:

  • Complete the Visualization Project.
  • Make a Vision Board.  I made a vision board with my whole family about 5 years ago with lots of pictures.  I recently found it folded up in the garage.  Guess what?!?!  I was shocked… I accomplished almost everything on my vision board!  If you can visualize it and get it out of your head (and share it with your loved ones), you’ll most likely accomplish it.
  • Create Vision Lists.  For my business, I recently brainstormed with my team (our Core Values, 1 Year Picture, 3 Year Picture, and 10 Year Target).  We got really specific with numbers that build on each other, balanced goals, and obstacles.  We will be coming back to this worksheet every quarter to stay on track.  I hope you see that businesses and individuals who succeed work on their vision consistently!

 2.  You need to surround yourself with people and information and circumstances that will help you get to your vision. You make hundreds (maybe thousands) of choices every day.  If you align your daily decisions with your vision, you will succeed!

As a health coach, this is exactly what I do.

  • We start out with your vision and core values.
  • Piece by piece, you are learning correct nutrition and exercise information to get you to your dream self.  You are adapting to your life at the right pace. And most importantly, it feels good!
  • You are continually coming back to your core values and vision and working on your mindset.

If you want to start your year out right and you’d like to learn more about my program, setup a free consultation

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