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Still counting calories?

Do you still find yourself counting and analyzing calories (even though you secretly know this weight loss method does not work)? 🧮

➡️ If you still use a calorie tracking app…

➡️ If you are always thinking about how to eat less…

➡️ How you can exercise more…  

Then you are at the right place.👍

Today, I’d like to educate you on how a calorie reduction diet truly affects your body and metabolism. 👏🏻

Before we dive in… 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

I need to know something about YOU…

❓❓❓ Are you young and healthy (with a thriving metabolism)💪🏽 OR are you struggling with your weight and your health (damaged metabolism)😞?

🔴 Let’s talk about scenario #1:

So how does a calorie reduction diet affect your body (if you have a healthy metabolism)? The old school equation Calories In = Calories Out actually works. Let’s pretend you are 21 and you are eating less or exercising more or a combo of both… You will drop weight at first. But here’s the kicker… After a while, you may feel low energy, hangry, moody, anxious, and out of control with cravings. These are all signs that your blood sugar is unstable and your body is in a stressed state, which will eventually damage your metabolism.

🔴 On to scenario #2:

So how does a calorie reduction diet affect your body if you already have a damaged metabolism? You are no longer 21 and you have tried tons of diets through the years and still struggle with your weight. Your metabolism is officially damaged. So what’s the end result when you continually restrict your calories and/or ramp up exercise? This restrictive dieting technique will no longer work and guess what?  You’ll actually start to put on weight!  That’s who we see.  So many of our clients come to us because their old diets that used to work now pack on pounds. You see… This lifestyle is tough on your body.  This unhealthy cycle (below) activates your stress hormones which always leads to weight gain in the end.

I hope I’ve opened your eyes to a flawed equation and methodology that simply does not work! 👀

If you are ready to let go of old self-sabotaging patterns and want to learn how to revive your metabolism so you can lose weight naturally, then we are excited to meet you!  Click here to schedule your free 1:1 Metabolism Mastery Call. 📞

P.S. 💌
For any of you newbies, I teach a 60 minute webclass every month.  I dive into this topic, as well as low carbs and Intermittent Fasting, and teach you realistic solutions to rev your metabolism (without deprivation).  Here is the link to sign up. 🏫 and see when the next scheduled class is.

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