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Excited for summer BUT scared to get off track?

Do you seem to get off track in the summer?

Summer is different than all the other seasons.  It is filled with high energy… A time of celebration, fun and release.

  • Kids are out of school 
  • More family vacations
  • Summer BBQs and parties
  • More ice cream and cocktails
  • Staying up later

I want you to thoroughly enjoy summer BUT from my experience, this is when most people fall off track with their healthy habits.
So if this unhealthy summer shift is common for you, then this article is perfect for you!

Right now, it is the mid-year mark.  We put all this energy into new year’s resolutions and goals.  Let’s reevaluate NOW, at the 6 month mark.


  • Do you feel good in your body?
  • Are you happy with your health?
  • Are you proud of your daily routines?

Now it’s time to get out your journal and jot down a few summer goals and ideas to keep you on track.

Goals that are severe (and depriving) usually don’t work.  “No sweets” or “No eating after dinner” or “Minimal alcohol” doesn’t sound fun or encouraging, right.
Instead, it’s way more effective to focus on areas that bring you a happier mindset, more balance, and better perspective on the big picture. 

Here are some example goals:

  1. Stick with my afternoon snack (it helps stabilize blood sugar so you feel good without happy hour cravings)
  2. Meditate for 5 min+ in the mornings (this is a great way to set your day up with more focus and a calm feeling)
  3. Schedule in 30 min+ of activity daily (instead of fitting in big exercise sessions, it’s more realistic and feels good to incorporate consistent activity)

Guess what… Summer can be fun AND healthy!  Wishing you the best summer ever 🙂

If you answered the questions above and don’t like the answers, then you might need help.
If you are ready for healthy change and looking for a system customized for YOU, we can help!  Click here to schedule a free consultation.

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