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Top 3 Protein Bars 🍫

I wrote this article because everyone asks me if I can recommend a quality protein bar.   The answer is YES!  

I have done thorough research by comparing all the popular brands as well as the bars you suggested.  With my strict standards of quality, I am excited that I have found 3 awesome protein bars!  By the way, I do not sell any of these bars and I am always up for checking out more brands.

To keep things simple, I have 3 main rules when evaluating protein bars.  Instead of hyper-focusing on calories, it is so much more important to read the ingredients and be mindful of the protein sources and sugar grams.

  • #1 PROTEIN RULE:  No soy protein!  Soy protein is horrible for your digestive tract, your hormones, and your metabolism.  Most bars that I investigated are made from soy protein isolate – yuck!  If you have digestive issues, I do not recommend whey protein however some people tolerate whey protein just fine.  My favorite protein sources are rice, pea and other vegetarian (non-soy) options.
  • #2 SUGAR RULE:  Keep sugar grams under 10!  Optimally, aim for 5 grams or less.  Unfortunately, most protein bars contain between 15-20 grams of sugar!  This is comparable to most candy bars.  Checkout your favorite “healthy” protein bar…I bet it has too much sugar.
  • #3 INGREDIENTS RULE:  Make sure to read the ingredients and that you can pronounce them all.  Avoid artificial sweeteners, additives, and preservatives.  I am ok with a small amounts of stevia or sugar alcohols.

I have designed a chart with 15 bars (popular bars and bars that you wanted me to research).  On this chart, I documented their protein source, total carbs (broken down into fiber and sugar), and an evaluation of ingredients.   Just want to note that all values documented are an average.  I listed the bars in order of BEST to WORST.  Therefore my 3 favorites are Raw Rev Glo Bars, Kind Bars (w/5 g sugar) and Bulletproof Bars.

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