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Healthy and Unhealthy Diets

Healthy and Unhealthy DietsIt’s swimsuit season and people are always asking me how to lose weight. I’m sure you have realized that there is no clear cut answer. There are so many diets out there and all of our bodies and personalities are so different. I figured that the best way to handle this dilemma is to evaluate some of the popular diets and programs out there. I even included information about the meal delivery service that I started in Santa Barbara. 🔴 Body-for-Life is a challenging exercise and diet program. You are supposed to exercise with weights for 45 minutes three days a week and alternate with rigorous aerobic exercise for at least 20 minutes three days a week. The diet plan involves eating six small meals each day, 40-50% of calories coming from protein. Foods can be picked from a list, such as vegetables, brown rice, poultry, and fish. On the seventh day, you can eat what you’d like and rest from exercise. 👉🏼 Cons: This program requires a lot of discipline. Some experts seem to think that this is a program that requires too much exercise for most Americans. I think daily exercise is essential, but exercise recommendations may differ for everyone depending on their health status. The ratio of nutrients in the diet is off. It contains too much protein to establish a healthy metabolism. 🔴 The Atkins Diet is a controversial very low carbohydrate diet. Plain and simple; you can eat absolutely anything but carbohydrates. 👉🏼 Cons: It is not a realistic diet to follow long term and very low carbohydrate diets are hazardous to our health anyway. This kind of diet causes adrenal burnout, liver and kidney stress, brain fatigue, and it ruins your metabolism in the long run. Eat Right for Your Type is a diet that encourages people to eat certain foods and avoid others based on their blood type, A, B, AB, or O. Supposedly, blood types affect the digestive system and that some foods good for people of one type are dangerous for another. Cons: All in all, most of the diet’s principles are healthy, but the science and research behind this diet are missing. 🔴 Weight Watchers is a program that focuses on long-term weight loss by providing on going support. The diet is based on a point system so your food selection is not restricted. Weight Watcher members go to regular group meetings for support and encouragement. 👉🏼 Cons: All in all, Weight Watchers’ support system is ideal for some people, however the diet program is lacking sound nutrition principle. The fact that you can eat candy bars all day as long as you count the points does not make sense from a health point of view. 🔴 Jenny Craig is a three-level plan to help people lose weight. At the first level, the program teaches clients how to eat the foods they want in small, frequent portions. At the second level, the program teaches clients how to increase their energy levels through simple activity. At the third level, the program teaches clients how to build more balance into their lives in order to maintain weight loss and healthy diet. 👉🏼 Cons: Jenny Craig, like many other diet programs, sells its own packaged food. Food products are processed, frozen, and taste is questionable. Jenny Craig has a great support system, however support staff are not trained nutritionists. 🔴 Delish Nutrish Meal Delivery is a wellness program that includes full assessment and follow-up consultations with a Registered Dietitian. An individualized diet and lifestyle plan is designed. Your diet plan is then implemented. Healthy meals and snacks with appropriate portions are delivered to your home twice a week. The food is made from scratch and is mostly gluten and cow dairy free, and vegetarian. In my professional opinion, I believe that food intolerances (like gluten and dairy) play a huge role in the cycle of weight gain, inflammation, and disease. 👉🏼 Cons: I realize that this service is not ideal for everyone. First of all, it is only available in the Santa Barbara area. Delish Nutrish program is a high end program designed to hold your hand through the wellness world, so not everyone can afford it.

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About the Author

Hello, I’m Betsy Markle.  I’m a Registered Dietitian and Holistic Nutritionist with over 20 years of experience. Living a busy life with 3 kids and a passionate career, I understand the importance of realistic nutrition, exercise, and balanced living.

Women tend to put the needs of everyone else before their own. My passion is to empower women to create a healthy lifestyle that they love and can stick with forever.

Here at Sunshine Wellness, we are proud to help women lose weight effortlessly, overcome cravings, and revive energy so they can heal their metabolism, ditch the diet mentality, and love their bodies.

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