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3 Biggest Time Wasters (when trying to lose weight)

As a busy nutritionist and health coach, some things have become crystal clear.  Almost all people who struggle with weight loss have something in common… They seem to be zapping their time, energy and motivation with daily patterns that are sabotaging their progress.

So, if you feel like you’re working too hard on your nutrition and it’s becoming FRUSTRATING,
It’s probably because you’re focusing on the wrong things.

Today, I am here to save you from the 3 Biggest Time Wasters:

𝟏)  Mentally dwelling on your weight (and why you can’t lose the weight): 
In the beginning, most of my clients think about their body and appearance way too much! 
They feel depressed when walking in their closet because nothing looks good on them.
They hate looking in the mirror because the negative thoughts spiral again. 
It’s an all day mental tug of war.  And guess what… this mental sabotage is wasting time and zapping all energy. 
Instead, I teach my clients essential tools and mindset strategies to STOP this ugly cycle and truly feel good about themselves. 

2) Counting calories (constantly measuring and analyzing): 
What a time waster!  And how boring! 
In the beginning of my career as a clinical dietitian , I did hundreds of calorie counts and guess what?… they did not solve anything or help anyone. 
In the dieting world, YES, calorie deprivation works when you are young with a thriving metabolism.  BUT what happens when your metabolism is damaged from excessive dieting and years of stress?  Now it’s the opposite effect… low calories diets will further damage your metabolism and cause weight gain in the end.
So what’s the solution?… I educate my clients to HEAL their metabolism through balanced nutrition and lifestyle tools that feel good and reduce stress.
3) Researching too much:
So many of my clients know a lot about nutrition – they actually have learned too much.
I hear this all the time… “I have researched every diet and nutrition plan out their.  It’s all so confusing and contradictory.  With all this knowledge, I still have no clue what is right for me and how to prioritize it for my life.”
This information overload is only causing you more stress (just like the overactive mind and the constant calorie counting).  Not only is it wasting your time, but all this daily stress heightens cortisol which leads to more weight gain!
This is why I offer a thorough free consultation and we take our time.  If you decide to become a client of mine, it’s because you have 100% confidence that it is the right path to heal your metabolism and solve your problems.  With this confidence, you can let go of all the research and diets and clutter that is wasting your time and energy.

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