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“17 Second Rule” that can change your life!

Stop what you’re doing right now and think of something that makes you smile.

Have you heard of the 17 Second Rule?
Hold a thought for just 17 seconds and you will attract more of that feeling.   

So let’s take today as an example.  Maybe you are hyperfocusing on the news and you are quite worried. 
What are you going to attract into your life?… More worry and anxiety.

I challenge you right here, right now!
Instead of thinking about something worrisome and frustrating, hold a pure, positive thoughts for 17 seconds.
Notice how you feel.
Most likely, you will attract more feel good thoughts (positive momentum).

I have a little homework assignment for you:  Pay close attention to your dominant thoughts. 
Most people dwell on what they don’t want (complaining, blame, frustration, fear) or they think of their never ending to-do list. 

As a nutritionist, I have a clear example:
So many of my clients start out by complaining about their weight.  All they can think about is how they can’t lose the weight and they hate the way they look.
Since they are in a constant state of frustration, they are attracting more frustrating circumstances.  It’s an endless cycle. 

You may be picky about the clothes you wear, your house decor, and the food you eat. 
Let’s be pickier about our thoughts.
Because your thoughts will sculpt your future.

PS – A lot of this information came from Love Your Life Podcast #62.  
I used to think this kind of talk was hocus pocus until I tried it.  Now I am a huge believer in the Law of Attraction.

When helping clients rebuild their metabolism, they think it’s all nutrition and exercise.  Guess what?  Most people fail and sabotage their metabolism because of their mindset (limiting beliefs and unhealthy cycles).  

If this is resonating with you, I invite you to my free training: 3 Surprising Mindset Shifts to Lose Weight Naturally.

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