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Shocking Truth from The Biggest Loser TV Show 😲

Remember the TV show…
The Biggest Loser?

Obese individuals competed to lose weight in a short amount of time. They worked with teams of doctors, nutritionists, and personal trainers and saw amazing results in just 30 weeks. Well…. Researchers did a Case Study evaluating 14 contestants from an early show and you are not going to believe the results!!!   

Checkout my simple chart to track contestants weight and RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate).

What does this chart signify??

⭐Short-term Results (evaluation after the show):⭐

On average, contestants lost a lot of weight (approx. 129 pounds in 30 weeks)!  But guess what… Their metabolic rate plummeted too.  This signifies that even though they dropped weight and look great, their metabolism is now in the toilet.  Basically, their bodies are burning less calories and their leptin levels dropped too.  This is the hormone that helps regulate hunger.  Therefore, these contestants felt constantly hungry.

⭐Long-term Results (6 years later):⭐

This is horrible…13 of the 14 contestants regained all their weight back.  And more importantly, their metabolism never rebounded.  

  • Even though they gained most of their weight back, they are burning less calories than ever.
  • They now need to eat approximately 700 less calories a day just to maintain their current weight.
  • Their leptin levels dropped and stayed ultra-low too.  
  • Even though they gained their weight back and need to reduce their calorie intake by 700, they are still HUNGRY👎🏾.

This ugly scenario should be a warning to all of us.  All fad diets, calorie deprivation, no carb programs, fasts, cleanses, diet pills, and extreme exercise will never provide you with long-term weight loss success. It will only damage your metabolism in the long run! 🏃🏻‍♀️

💥 So, the big question is HOW DO YOU FIX OR HEAL YOUR METABOLISM?
It’s not rocket science.  It just takes a new mindset, the right knowledge, and the courage to do it right.

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