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Thank you for your interest in our Detox programs. We believe it is beneficial to cleanse your body of toxic and inflammatory substances to help optimize your metabolism and improve your overall health. However we want to make sure that our program is an appropriate fit for you. Please read this information carefully and add type your name in the form at the bottom to indicate that you have read and qualify for our program.

This program is not appropriate for you if you are pregnant or nursing, under 12 years of age, you have hyperkalemia or abnormal kidney function, you take ACE inhibitors, angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs), or potassium sparing diuretics. If you have any significant medical conditions or are taking other medications, consult your healthcare practitioner before starting.

Even though our program is not an extreme plan, cleanse or fast, it’s always possible to experience detox symptoms on any program that accelerates the detoxification process. Possible detox symptoms include mild headache, gas, bloating, bowel changes, muscle aches, sleep disturbances, and changes in breath or body temperature. These reactions are generally mild and pass within a few days. If symptoms are more severe, you can choose to slow down the detox program by going back to the previous day and then increasing gradually as you feel comfortable.

If you consume a significant amount of caffeinated beverages, simple sugars or artificial sweeteners, you may experience withdrawal headaches if you discontinue them all at once. We recommend that you gradually decrease your intake of these substances before you start our program.

While most people have no problem maintaining enough energy on the program (in fact, many people feel more energized), others may need to curtail more strenuous physical activity during the core days (days 5-7). Judge for yourself and adjust accordingly.

The 9 day detox diet plan that we developed slowly eliminates foods that potentially allergenic, inflammatory, and toxic to our body. The staple food ingredients utilized in our meal plans are mostly vegetables, fruits, brown rice, beans, and some nuts. If you dislike or do not tolerate many of these foods, our nutrition plan may not be suitable for you.

You will be supplied with helpful information and resource materials. It is essential that you read all these handouts carefully before getting started.

I have read this Letter of Understanding and recognize that it is important to consult with my physician/health care provider before starting our Detox Program.

After submitting your approval, you will receive a very important email regarding notification of your plans to do the detox for your health care practitioner. Please check your spam box if it does not arrive within a couple of minutes, or contact us.

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