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Splenda vs. Stevia

 At restaurants, you’ll notice Splenda packet are readily available, as well as at the Supermarket.  Is Splenda a good alternative to sugar?  My quick answer is No. Splenda is an artificial sweetener made in a laboratory. The “sugar” used in Splenda is called sucralose, which is not a real sugar. Studies show that when cooking […]

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Coconut oil is not “Pure Poison!”

USA Today recently came out with an alarming article on coconut oil.  Now, everyone is asking me…Is coconut oil good or bad?  First let me make it known that my family consumes coconut oil on a daily basis and I truly believe that we are not at risk for heart disease or cancer. As a […]

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My Favorite Breads

Most breads are made of crappy ingredients like refined flour, corn syrup, and preservatives. Most brands, even whole grain and whole wheat breads, are highly processed carbs that promote inflammation in the body, weight gain and insulin resistance. Lots of clients ask me ” What bread do you recommend?” Well I’ve done the research, tried […]

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My Favorite Crackers

When shopping for clean and nutrient dense crackers, it’s difficult to choose the best options.  Many people love Ritz crackers. It’s essential to read ingredients because you’ll learn that Ritz crackers contains partially hydrogenated oil and high fructose corn syrup! Even crackers that claim to be “healthy,” like Wheat Thins and Wheatables contain high fructose […]

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Plain Water Alternatives

Sick of plain old water?  Many clients tell me that they don’t enjoy the taste of water because it’s flavorless.  Sorry to break it to you…a healthy metabolism needs at least 8 cups of water a day!  Unfortunately, most flavored waters on the market are bad for you.  Here are two popular drinks that my […]

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Acai Bowls and Hidden Sugar

There is a huge difference between homemade acai bowls and restaurant prepared acai bowls. For example, Jamba Juice makes acai bowls packed with honey, fruits, and sweetened soymilk.  These ingredients sound healthy until you learn that one serving contains 67 grams of sugar and 99 grams of carbohydrates! That is a blood sugar crash waiting […]

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Updated Dirty Dozen & Clean 15 List

I shop for a family of five and we rarely eat out so I am always trying to budget our grocery bills. When trying to eat healthy, this can be challenging.  If you are on a budget or have limited availability to organic produce, utilize the  Dirty Dozen list and shop organic for these fruits […]

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Unwanted Weight Around Your Midsection?

Most of my clients complain about extra flab or inches around the middle.  What’s so loveable about love handles?  And we all know that the apple shaped body is more prone to heart disease, diabetes and stroke. On a positive note, fat stored in the midsection is metabolically active so it’s easier to lose when following the right […]

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Washing Produce Basics

Do you really need to wash produce? Is washing fruit and vegetable with water enough? There is no obvious answer.  Cleaning methods vary depending on the fruit or vegetable so see my guidelines below. As a general rule of thumb, you usually need to thoroughly clean produce however many consumers actually waste time by over-washing.  […]

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Frozen Yogurt vs Ice Cream

Truth About Frozen Yogurt… Many peope believe that frozen yogurt is a healthy alternative to hard or soft serve ice cream.  I am sorry to burst your bubble, but it is in fact no better than its full-fat counterpart.  Some frozen yogurt versions claim to be fat free, sugar free or contain probiotics, but they […]

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