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Lunch Box Ideas (Kids & Adults)

As working parents and having 3 kids in school, I usually have to pack 5 lunches a day.  I strive to have healthy options readily available.  This requires some menu planning, consistent food shopping and prep work but overall, it’s totally doable if you are organized.  Here are my staple lunch ideas for kids and adults.  […]

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Mini Kale Meatloaf

This is a great recipe for families or for a single person.  Utilizing a muffin tin, you can make a bunch of individual size portions of healthy meatloaf.  It is a flexible recipe so have fun with it. Ingredients: 1 lb lean ground turkey 3 cups kale 1 1/2 cups GF bread crumbs (or ground up […]

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Mason Jar Salads

I don’t know if you have ever seen a Mason Jar Salad, but I think it is genius.   Take 15-30 minutes in the beginning of the week to prep your Mason Jar Salads and now you have beautiful, tasty, healthy lunches for the week. The Layering Process: Here is a useful video that explains the […]

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Snack Foods

Whether you are looking for healthy snack ideas for you or the kids, here is a great snack list/shopping list to post on your refrigerator.  When I have these staples readily available, I can whip up a packed lunch or snack platter in a matter of one minute. These are the Snack Staples that I […]

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Top Rated Health Food Bars

In an ideal world, we have enough time to make healthy meals and snacks every day.  But when life gets hectic and we are forced to turn to Plan B, store bought food bars are usually an easy option that taste good.  Unfortunately, most of these bars are unhealthy options that will put on weight […]

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What to Eat for Breakfast

Yes, it is true – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Eating a healthy balanced breakfast within 1 hour of rising is the best way rev up your metabolism.  A balanced breakfast combining complex carbohydrates and protein leaves you feeling satisfied and energized for many hours.  The days of making poor lunchtime […]

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Picky Eaters

I understand that this is a broad topic and there are so-o-o many obstacles that parents face at many stages in their child’s life. Below I touch on a few of the key problem areas and realistic solutions that will have a large impact on your child’s future. For the Picky Eaters: Wow, this is […]

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Crockpot Bean Recipes

In this newsletter, I am going to teach you how to make a large pot of beans and utilize them in 3 easy family dinner recipes that are nutritious and super affordable. Some people look at me like I am crazy when I suggest they make their own beans. Soaking and cooking beans from scratch […]

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Healthy Options for Fast Food

I have many busy clients who travel a ton and are looking for some healthy options when on the road. They always ask me “What can I eat when I am traveling that is semi-healthy?”. After hearing this question over and over, I decided to do some investigation. I evaluated the nutrition facts and ingredient […]

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Meals for a Week

Planning Ahead Guide: The Key to Your Health! ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO COME HOME FROM WORK AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO PREPARE FOR DINNER? Whether you forgot to thaw the frozen chicken or simply don’t have the energy to plan and prepare a balanced healthy dinner, this guide will provide you […]

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