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What should I limit my sugar to in a day? 🤔

We all know that sugar is bad, right?!  😥 BOOHOO Yes, I know it tastes good!  Like, who doesn’t like ice cream?🍧 But unfortunately, sugar is bad for your health and will slow down your metabolism.👎🏾  Sugar causes bloat, fatigue, brain fog and major cravings.👎🏾  It’s highly addictive and inflammatory. So, that leads me back […]

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My EMBARRASSING story about Halloween candy 😳

🍭 Before I finally gained control of my health and cravings, my life felt unmanageable and my sweet cravings were BAD! I have an embarrassing story! 😳When we lived in NJ, we were dealing with some stressful family issues.  Even though I tried to be “Bubbly Betsy”, I was struggling.  This lead to emotional eating and […]

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Sugar Intake Related to Joint Pain

I love it when my clients have realizations and epiphanies.  As they change their daily patterns and improve their nutrition, they start to become mindful of how they feel related to their habits.  In one week, I once had four clients tell me that their significant joint pain went away (almost completely) once they minimized […]

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