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Healthy Urine pH

I recently wrote a nutrition newsletter called Boost Your Body pH with these Simple Nutrition Tips.  I’ve been testing my urine pH faithfully and I am shocked how low it can get.  Considering that I am a nutritionist and I receive a lot of great food from my Healthy Meal Delivery Service, I would expect […]

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Theanine Benefits

Just because we live in paradise, doesn’t mean we don’t feel a bit tense and anxious sometimes.  If the whole world is sitting on top of your shoulders, and life is moving just too fast, I may have a little glimmer of hope for you. Many of us take daily prescriptions like xanax and paxill to […]

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Foods Causing Cancer

Last year I wrote about Cancer Prevention when my Dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  After surgery and treatment, I am happy to say that he is doing great.  That newsletter, “Cancer Prevention” is archived on my website.  In the past month, our family has received sad news that two more family members have been […]

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Reducing Cancer Risk

Last month, my family hit me with the news that my Dad was just diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Anytime you find out someone you love has the Big C, it’s a blow to your heart. Well, luckily my Dad’s cancer was caught in the early stage. He will be undergoing surgery sometime this month, then […]

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Acid Base Balance

A new hot topic out there is the pH of our body or our acid-base balance. Simply put – If your pH is under 7, this is considered acidic. If your pH is over 7, this is considered basic or alkaline. A low pH or acidic environment is very bad for our bodies and cells. […]

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