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Cacao Bean Avocado Smoothie

I know that a “bean smoothie” does not sound appealing but I can guarantee that this smoothie will not disappoint.  You know I am always on the lookout for balanced smoothies without a ton of fruit and sugar.  I love my Daily Sustain protein powder and my signature low sugar smoothie recipes but I realize […]

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What to Eat BEFORE a Workout

PRE-WORKOUT NUTRITION GUIDELINES #1 Complaint:  “I workout early and don’t like to eat before my workout” Solution:  It is ESSENTIAL that you eat before your workout in order to provide fuel for your muscles.  Without a pre-workout snack, your workout will suffer and your metabolism will slow down.   On the other hand, if you eat […]

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Balanced Smoothies and Salads

Since I am a sun and water goddess, summer is my favorite time. I also love all the ripe and healthy seasonal fruits and vegetables. The toughest part for myself and my clients is planning ahead and preparing wholesome balanced meals and snacks. It’s too hot to cook and it’s hard to plan ahead with […]

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Nutritional Smoothies

July has been a HOT month on the east coast!!!! The thought of standing in front of a hot stove makes me sweat more. My favorite meal these days is a cold smoothie. I love smoothies and shakes because you can make large batch with plenty of leftovers in a few minutes. My only concern […]

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Smoothie Ideas

I hope you all enjoyed the summer salad ideas and recipes in my last newsletter. Since August is another scorcher, I thought I would dedicate this month to Summer Smoothies. There are many misconceptions about fruit smoothies and shakes. Most people think they are healthy because they contain fruit and fruit juices. Well the truth […]

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