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Best Salad Dressings at the Store

Lots of people try to be healthier by eating more salads but then they ruin it by adding crappy dressing.  And believe me…90% of the dressings sold at stores are unhealthy.  Many contain cheap oils, too much sugar, and yucky additives.  After in depth research and listening to my client’s preferences, I have found the […]

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Mason Jar Salads

I don’t know if you have ever seen a Mason Jar Salad, but I think it is genius.   Take 15-30 minutes in the beginning of the week to prep your Mason Jar Salads and now you have beautiful, tasty, healthy lunches for the week. The Layering Process: Here is a useful video that explains the […]

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Balanced Smoothies and Salads

Since I am a sun and water goddess, summer is my favorite time. I also love all the ripe and healthy seasonal fruits and vegetables. The toughest part for myself and my clients is planning ahead and preparing wholesome balanced meals and snacks. It’s too hot to cook and it’s hard to plan ahead with […]

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What Should You Do to Lose Weight?

Whether you are looking for a New Year’s plan to drop some weight or a fresh idea to maintain your health, I have the answer for you: EAT A SALAD FOR LUNCH MOST DAYS – AT LEAST 5 DAYS/WEEK. Most people tend to eat sandwiches for lunch which are filled with man-made carbohydrates, processed lunch […]

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Farmers’ Markets: Planning Ahead

As someone who likes to stay very organized, getting all my Farmers’ Market produce ready for the week is something I enjoy doing.  After getting my weekly batch of produce every Tuesday, I go straight home and get it ready for use whenever I need it throughout the week.  Some nutritional purists might scold me […]

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Vegetable Greens: Add to All Meals

When it comes to creating a healthy nutrient-dense meal, I always go for greens.  Leafy greens to green vegetables, raw or cooked, in my smoothie or sauteed with garlic and olive oil, greens are my secret weapon for weight loss.  I grew up in a household where my mother cooked most of our meals, and yes, they usually included […]

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Health Salads

I don’t want to brag, but my husband tells me that I am the best salad maker on the east and west coast. Since summer is here, I thought it would be fun make some delicious salads. HERE ARE SOME SUMMER SALAD TIPS: Visit your local Farmer’s Market. No matter where you live, this is […]

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