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3 Solutions to Realign Your Mind, Health and Future

If you are feeling stressed or anxious, here is a tool to help reverse these emotions.  It’s called the Law of Attraction.  I believe in it 100% because it works!  The Law of Attraction is quite simple…What you think and more importantly, what you feel is what you will attract more of in your life.   Here are two common examples: If you are watching […]

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Too much nutrition knowledge… Don’t know how to prioritize for YOU?

You would think that I mostly help people who are clueless about nutrition, however it’s quite the opposite!  Here is a common quote that I hear all the time:  “I love to read and learn about nutrition.  I have a lot of knowledge BUT so much of it is conflicting and I have no clue […]

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Are YOU at the Bottom of the List?

From my experience, this issue is more common with women, especially moms.  If you are guilty of putting yourself and your needs at the bottom of the list, this article is for you.  Considering this is a new year and a new decade, let’s change this now!  You are your #1 priority.  Your health, your […]

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