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Best Health Apps for iPhone

There are TONS of apps available for iPhones, ipads, and other devices but it is hard to find ones that truly assist you through your wellness journey.  Most diet related apps focus solely on calories which is not useful in my mind (see my Nutrition Philosophy to understand why). After lots of research, we have […]

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How to Read a Food Label

As we learned last month, examining the ingredient list is the first essential step to proper label reading. Here’s a little recap: Read the ingredients first and ignore all the claims. If the list of ingredients is too long or impossible to pronounce, do not buy. Make sure the first few ingredients are the bulk […]

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How to Read Labels: Ingredients

It doesn’t sound difficult, but reading and understanding food labels is a tricky task. Big companies are exceptionally good at deceiving the public. They lure you in with bold letters and big statements, but what they are really doing is distracting you from the truth. When you pick up a product at the store, what […]

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