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1-Minute Quiz to Rate Your Metabolism🩱

Do you have a damaged metabolism? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ This is a tricky question because there is no lab test that will give you a clear answer. It’s more of an intuitive question.We are not diagnosing a disease. We are not calculating your calorie needs. Instead, I want you to pay closer attention to how you feel […]

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What should I limit my sugar to in a day? 🤔

We all know that sugar is bad, right?!  😥 BOOHOO Yes, I know it tastes good!  Like, who doesn’t like ice cream?🍧 But unfortunately, sugar is bad for your health and will slow down your metabolism.👎🏾  Sugar causes bloat, fatigue, brain fog and major cravings.👎🏾  It’s highly addictive and inflammatory. So, that leads me back […]

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Step-by-Step Menu Planning 🍎

There are so many cookie cutter diets and menu plans out there.  Most are extreme.  Some are for building muscle, detoxing, weight loss, heart disease, and many of them are not even healthy.   So, what is right for YOU? The more important question is… How do you create a menu plan that is personalized for […]

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