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Best Tortillas and Wraps

Have you read the ingredients for your favorite flour tortilla?  I bet you that you will NOT be impressed.  Here is a picture of Mission Whole Wheat Tortillas.  Some of the nasty ingredients include shortening, hydrogenated soybean oil and tons of preservatives! I’ve researched some whole grain and gluten free tortillas, here are some better […]

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Is the Gluten Free Craze Healthy?

Recently, one of my clients asked me to check out an article in the Wall Street Journal: “The Gluten Free Craze: Is it Healthy?”.  With Gluten-Free Diets becoming more popular, I am excited to share my thoughts with you. The article says that there is no proven benefit to going gluten-free except for a small […]

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Best Tasting Gluten Free Pasta

Most people know that pasta is not the healthiest food.  And whole grain pastas tend to be inflammatory for a lot of people. I generally use brown rice pasta because it is easy to find at the stores, but I wanted to explore more gluten-free pasta options.  I decided to do some taste testing of […]

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Gluten Free Santa Barbara

I discovered that it is getting easier to find gluten free products in Santa Barbara.   Lazy Acres and Whole Foods carry a variety of items and now even Vons has some items like brown rice pasta, crackers, etc.  Betsy has even given Gluten Free Talks at Whole Foods. I found that Cantwell’s in Summerland has […]

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Going Gluten Free

So, what is gluten? Gluten is a protein component found in many grains, including wheat, rye, bran, spelt, oats, barley, plus many more. Gluten is in most breads, pastas, cereals, and crackers What’s the significance of gluten? Studies show that 1 in 258 people may have celiac disease. This condition is caused by the inability […]

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Causes for Inflammation

Inflammation, joint pain and arthritis affects millions of Americans. With arthritis, he number is rising over 40 million. I picked this topic because Arthritis is a widespread problem of epidemic proportions and there are actually natural ways that people can help themselves. Arthritis Related to Digestive Issues The term Arthritis refers to over 100 diseases […]

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