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Chocolate or wine cravings at night?

Do you have alcohol or sweet cravings, especially at night?  🌙🍷🍭If so, you are definitely not alone – most of our clients struggle with this too.  Here’s a story I hear ALL.THE.TIME:You are trying to eat healthy throughout the day and then something takes over your body after dinner.  You know you are not hungry but you […]

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Science Behind Alcohol Affecting Your Sleep

We may be craving alcohol to help cope with stress, boredom, or maybe for some fun. Back in the day, I used to be a party girl – I get it. I fight these urges all the time.  What has helped me is understanding how alcohol affects my health and my metabolism.  For instance, I […]

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Best Alcoholic Drinks

I don’t know about you, but this is my problem area.  I am a social drinker and the holidays are a social time, so I usually drink too much.  Being a realistic person and nutritionist, I know I am not going to give up alcohol but I will at least choose healthier types of beverages […]

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Metabolism of Alcohol

What’s your alcoholic beverage of choice? Holiday parties are right around the corner and I bet you are wondering, what’s the best choice that won’t pack on extra pounds. It’s obvious that moderation is the most important concept, but I’d like to provide you with some important knowledge so you can make educated decisions. High […]

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Healthy Urine pH

I recently wrote a nutrition newsletter called Boost Your Body pH with these Simple Nutrition Tips.  I’ve been testing my urine pH faithfully and I am shocked how low it can get.  Considering that I am a nutritionist and I receive a lot of great food from my Healthy Meal Delivery Service, I would expect […]

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Reducing Cancer Risk

Last month, my family hit me with the news that my Dad was just diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Anytime you find out someone you love has the Big C, it’s a blow to your heart. Well, luckily my Dad’s cancer was caught in the early stage. He will be undergoing surgery sometime this month, then […]

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