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Metabolism Mojo: 7 Week Online Holistic Health Program


If you are interested in Betsy’s comprehensive consulting packages but want something more affordable, Metabolism Mojo might be the perfect fit for you.  It’s a 7 week online wellness program combining clinical nutrition + holistic health to help heal your metabolism (once and for all).

No more dieting and deprivation!  Our seven week system will help you get off the hamster wheel of lifestyle extremes and feelings of exhaustion and frustration.  Gain control and happiness through our well-balanced approach.

Below is more info about our system.  To purchase, click the purple link or click here.


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Product Description

Every week, there is a new educational lesson including a powerpoint video narrated by Betsy, as well as a homework assignment, important resource materials, recipes and helpful cooking videos.

Throughout the seven weeks, you will be filing away all this essential content in your own organized binder, including a personalized menu plan.  Down the road, you will always have an organized system to keep you on track.

There is an accountability and support group to help guide you through the way.


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