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Menu Planning Package

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When creating personalized menu plans for YOU, this is Betsy’s strategic step-by-step process:

    • She creates a realistic meal schedule to help optimize your metabolism (this is the #1 way to heal the adrenals).
    • She teaches you how to balance every meal and snack to steady bloody sugar and eliminate cravings.
    • Betsy calculates your portions for your current needs and activity level.
    • She helps identify foods that cause inflammation and slow down your metabolism.
    • Most importantly, menus and recipes will be based on your preferences… you’ll actually want to follow them!

Our menu planning package includes:

  • First consultation: Betsy evaluates health concerns, needs, activity level, lifestyle habits, cooking abilities and family dynamics + designs a realistic plan for YOU.
  • Second Consultation: More menu planning (create recipe books, add/revise menus)
  • Beautiful menu plans with simple recipes and itemized shopping list.
  • Consultations are through zoom (so you can see recipes and pick yourself)
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Struggle with menu planning (what to eat, when to eat, portions, balance)?  Sick of making multiple meals for the family?  Not sure what foods are inflammatory for you?

If you are looking for personalized menu plans and you don’t need continual support/accountability, this package may be perfect for you.


4 reviews for Menu Planning Package

  1. Nina

    Betsy helped my son and I achieve awesome results and created the most realistic menu plan for my son where he is never hungry, always satisfied and learned better eating habits !
    She really good at what she does and treats her clients like family!
    Thank you !!!

  2. mark lewis

    Great stuff. Thanks for your help!

  3. mark lewis

    Thanks for all your help!

  4. Katie Snyder

    Betsy has been amazing. I have struggled since having children with my weight and energy level. Immediately after starting to follow her menu plan I had more energy. She has helped me find a new normal for me when it comes to eating and I feel great about it. The best part was it wasn’t hard and I didn’t feel like a failure if I had a bad day and made some bad choices. It was easy to get back on track and on those bad days I could tell I didn’t feel as good so I wanted to get back on track. She really is a realistic nutritionist.

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