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Nutrition Consulting Packages (3-6 Months)

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Weight Loss & regaining your health is easy when you have a personalized and realistic plan to boost your metabolism.  With my  package, you will gain control of your daily habits and feel amazing.  This package includes:

  • Comprehensive initial consultation & regular follow-up’s (every 1-2 weeks as needed)
  • Personalized menu plan with tons of staple recipes
  • Organizational system to keep your health organized
  • Follow-up summaries after every meeting
  • Personalized wellness report (including nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep and supplement recommendations)
  • Nutrition Simplified Workbook: my step-by-step workbook
  • 20% discount on Sunshine Wellness Supplements
  • True support & accountability along the way

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I like to dive in deep with your initial consultation, trying to get to the bottom of your health problems. With this info, I create a realistic menu plan to fit your goals, preferences, schedule, workout routine and lifestyle.  We both set realistic goals for your diet, exercise, stress management, and supplements and I send you a comprehensive report.  With these invaluable resources, a clear organizational system, my workbook and regular consultations along the way, you are destined to succeed (for the long haul).

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17 reviews for Nutrition Consulting Packages (3-6 Months)


    This is a great way to get on track and stay accountable, without feeling judged! Her nutrition information is extremely easy to follow, and she really strives to understand you as a person and where you have been and where you want to be. I really liked the food log to keep me focused as well as the action plans she suggests to help overcome individual obstacles. As a result of following Betsy’s program and with her consulting services I was able to feel and look my best, and most importantly, have control over food instead of the other way around. Her program works, and her warm personal style makes the journey a joy!

  2. Luann Caesar

    Betsy was beyond helpful in getting my whole family on track with supplements, grocery shopping, meal planning and eating at home more often. This was a huge challenge; 5 family members all with different goals, diets and issues. She did an amazing job helping me to organize for the week with set meal ideas, grocery lists, and easy to adapt items without sacrificing taste. She broke our plan into several different “assignments/lessons” so that it never felt overwhelming. We slowly were able to adjust our lives and “go to” food items to healthier choices.
    In addition, she helped me adjust my supplement intake to be more effective with better quality but less pills. I have already seen improvement in the areas I have been monitoring.
    I look forward to working with Betsy again in the future on additional menu plans, adjusting of supplements as needed and any new goals we may take on.


    Betsy really knows what she is talking about.
    I’ve worked with several other dietitians, and Betsy has been more helpful in a much shorter time than all of the others put together. Also, every recommendation that she has given me concerning diet and supplements for the treatment of both my ulcerative colitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has been confirmed by other sources that I have consulted. Those sources include doctors, websites, and books written by doctors.
    Thanks to her suggestion that I eliminate gluten from my diet (even though I had tested negative for gluten sensitivity years ago) my ulcerative colitis has improved to the point where I am now able to occasionally enjoy eating pizza and lasagna (gluten-free varieties) and other foods again for the first time in over 25 years.
    Betsy is extremely thorough, concerned about every aspect of my health, a great listener, compassionate, and tenacious about finding what works for me.
    Two years after I had been diagnosed as having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and after having consulted my General Practitioner, gastroenterologist, an Infectious Disease Specialist, a neurologist, a rheumatologist and an endocrinologist, Betsy was the first one to give me any real hope of getting my energy back again.
    I’d recommend Betsy to anyone who wants to improve their health and the quality of their life.

  4. Laura Schreiber

    I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with Betsy. She is profoundly different than any one else that I have ever met with because she listens so carefully to your needs and to the story of your life before designing a plan that is built around your specific profile. In the past, I have spent a lot of money and whole-heartedly tried programs that I thought were individualized for me. Instead, they failed because I realized that I was being plugged in to someone’s idea of what my life should be like. Betsy actually works with you and thinks about the rhythm of your day and your routine and then structures a plan that sets you up for success. She is so clever and s smart. Besides that I felt dramatically better with in days of adopting her program, my children even remarked how much more energy I had and that I could make it through the entire day without needing naps. Also, the workbook that Betsy provides is an extremely valuable tool and has helped a lot. The clear instructions that she give me coupled with the meal ideas have been fantastic and I look forward to partnering with Betsy for continued future success. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Betsy!!!

  5. Molly

    Betsy’s deep knowledge plus her attentiveness to helping you improve your habits (without judging), is what makes all the difference for me. I’ve learned so much from Betsy – discovering over time how my body actually responds to what I eat (plus my daily sleep and exercise habits). When I’m tracking with the plan, my energy is great and my head is clear. When I stumble, an encouraging call or two with Betsy helps me get back on track with the changes I need to focus on to get moving in the right direction again. Thank you, Betsy!!

  6. karen mulhall

    I am so thankful that a friend of mine recommended that I seek help from Betsy. I have been dealing with nutritional issues for years that I have never been able to get under control. She listened to everything that was going on and she understood what I was going through. She explained everything in detail and showed me not only how to incorporate changes to fit my life, but why I needed to do these things. Within a week, I was feeling better and well on the road to better health. Within 2 months, my medical issues that were out of control for years are finally balanced and I have more good days than I do bad. I would recommend Betsy’s services to anyone that wants to get on the road to better health. I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for me!

  7. Marnie Lengle

    Betsy’s approach to overall health and weight loss is the most well-rounded, realistic program I have ever followed. Betsy has an equation to success and it’s about balance, taking time to plan your choices and consistency. When I follow Betsy’s program, my body & mind are at their best – I sleep better, have more energy and am a better mom, wife and friend – most of all, I’m my best “me!” I never feel deprived. Betsy is an awesome example of what her program can do for you when you are consistent and treat yourself well.

  8. Suzanne

    Betsy has been a huge help to me. Over the past ten years, through different phases of my life – pregnancy, nursing, dealing with health issues, and assisting with my kids needs as well. She has always been able to help me find simple strategies and easy recipes to get me through my challenges. Talking with her is like talking to a friend who just gets it, and her advice is always spot on. However my needs have changed, she has always been able to guide me. I have and will continue to recommend her services to my friends.

  9. Andrew

    Betsy was able to figure out and solve my chronic stomach issues by cutting out gluten and providing me with a meal plan that has changed my life in the past year. I’m now able to go about my day not worrying about whether or not my stomach is going to hinder my plans. She is very thorough with her advice and truly cares about your well-being. The supplements she provides are top of the line and will assist in correcting all issues.

  10. P Flores

    I enjoyed working with Betsy in developing a meal plan that worked for my digestive issues. She considered my lifestyle and requests when providing me with recipes.

  11. Julie Dunn

    Betsy is so knowledgeable and practical! What made an impression on me is her humility and very encouraging and warm approach. This made me want to get on board and make positive changes in my diet. And, I feel so much better. Steady blood sugar is powerful!! I love her recipes and she shared many tips that I have incorporated into my meal planning and cooking. Take the first step!

  12. John Powell

    Betsy is wonderful. I’ve learned how to nourish my body correctly. I’ve lost weight, feel better and have more energy. I highly recommend her.

  13. John Powell

    Betsy is wonderful. I lost weight, feel better and have more energy. I highly recommend her.

  14. Nannette Powell

    My husband and I worked with Betsy for 3 months and learned so much about proper nutrition…something we thought we already knew! When she evaluated our individual needs and created a meal plan for us, I was a little skeptical, but can honestly say we feel so much better than before, and are more focused on balancing our meals.

  15. Grace Benjamin

    Betsy is AWESOME!

  16. Chi Chi B

    Nutrition knowledge was my primary goal when I found Betsy. However after working with Betsy, I learned so much more beyond nutrition. Betsy helps explain the importance of a well balanced life to include nutrition, exercise, mental health awareness and overall life balance. Betsy is very kind, approachable and organized. Her positive Mojo (energy) is very uplifting in person and through her emails. I highly recommend Betsy for beyond the quick diet fix; she will guide you through better daily choices and a better balanced life.

    • Betsy Markle

      Thanks Chi Chi!!!! Big hugs

  17. Chi Chi B

    I hit submit before I properly selected the star rating….correction 5 stars!

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Betsy Markle RD conducted a 30 day nutrition trial centered around the workbook with 21 women (average age: 40) and the results were fabulous! Even though the study focused on optimizing your metabolism instead of extreme dieting techniques, participants still lost an average of 4 pounds and 2.5 inches around their waist during the 30 days. The analysis of participant's symptoms before and after the trial was the true indicator of success and metabolic healing.

69% Reduction in Heartburn
53% Reduction in Bloating
50% Reduction in Gas
42% Reduction in Loose Bowels
33% Reduction in Constipation
44% Reduction in Headaches
60% Improvement in Brain Clarity
49% Improvement in Mood
56% Improvement in Energy
59% Improvement in Falling Asleep
46% Improvement in Sleeping Through the Night
26% Improvement in Joint Pain

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