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Workbook & Resource Guide (Nutrition Simplified)

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Nutrition Simplified is Workbook and Resource Guide written by Betsy Markle, Registered Dietitian. It is a realistic 7 step workbook to jump start your metabolism. Included are amazing resources that are easy to implement and understand. Through Betsy’s experiences in the clinical, wellness, fitness, and holistic areas along with her realistic approach, her workbook has proven success strategies!  Table of contents and Nutrition Trial Results are below.


Betsy Markle, Registered Dietitian, wrote Nutrition Simplified to help her clients jump start their metabolism and maintain their health . She has collaborated all her nutrition knowledge and experience into a realistic step by step workbook and easy to implement resource guide. If you are motivated to improve your nutrition and health but not sure where to start, Betsy’s program contains invaluable information outlined in a way that yields success.

I was amazed how quickly my body changed by eating the right foods and with the right balance. Not just physically, but all my symptoms (headaches, acne, GI issues and mood swings) minimized in the first week! This program can be life changing if you follow Betsy’s seven easy steps. It truly focuses on mind, body and soul.
Cori, Santa Barbara

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1 review for Workbook & Resource Guide (Nutrition Simplified)

  1. kassidymefford

    For years, I lived with chronic stomach problems, allergies and asthma. Through Betsy’s workbook and personal phone consultations, I was not only able to heal my stomach thoroughly and identify my intolerances, decrease bloating and lose weight, but I was also able to kick my allergy suffering and chronic nasal congestion. She has worked with hundreds of clients that all have different symptoms and bodies, and has the experience to try to identify the problems particular to you.
    I started working with Betsy about ten years ago, and she still continues to give me great advice as I approach new hurdles in my life. She recently whipped me into shape for my wedding by giving me a detailed menu plan with realistic exercise goals and weekly phone consultations. I was able to lose seven pounds and see my ab muscles for the first time! I highly recommend Betsy and her workbook to anyone who is just caught in a rut or has chronic health problems that doctors don’t have the answer to. She literally has improved my quality of life, and I am forever grateful for that and will continue to consult her as an expert on nutrition and fitness.

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Betsy Markle RD conducted a 30 day nutrition trial centered around the workbook with 21 women (average age: 40) and the results were fabulous! Even though the study focused on optimizing your metabolism instead of extreme dieting techniques, participants still lost an average of 4 pounds and 2.5 inches around their waist during the 30 days. The analysis of participant's symptoms before and after the trial was the true indicator of success and metabolic healing.

69% Reduction in Heartburn
53% Reduction in Bloating
50% Reduction in Gas
42% Reduction in Loose Bowels
33% Reduction in Constipation
44% Reduction in Headaches
60% Improvement in Brain Clarity
49% Improvement in Mood
56% Improvement in Energy
59% Improvement in Falling Asleep
46% Improvement in Sleeping Through the Night
26% Improvement in Joint Pain
- Meet The Creator
- Sunshine Wellness Philosophy:
No More Dieting and Calorie Counting!
Age of Chronic Illness and Medication Overload

- Common Nutrition Myths
- Quiz: Rate Your Metabolism
- STEP I: Eat Smaller More Frequent Meals
- STEP II: Balance your Meals
- STEP III: Drink the Right Beverages
- STEP IV: Detoxify your Diet and Body
- STEP V: Incorporate Exercise into your Weekly Routine
- STEP VI: Better Manage your Stress
- STEP VII: Supplement your Diet

- Reading Ingredient Lists and Nutrition Labels Properly
- Buying Organic Foods on a Budget
- Why Minimize Gluten and Dairy from Your Diet
- Stocking Your Kitchen with the Right Foods
- Betsy Approved Trader Joes Shopping List
- Betsy Approved Whole Foods Shopping List
- Time and Cost Saving Meal Preparation Tips
- Eating Out Guide - Detoxify Your Household and Life
- Confused Consumers Supplement Guide
- Sunshine Wellness Nutrition Services

- Snacks
- Breakfast
- Lunch
- Dinner
- Realistic Sample Menu Plan: 1 Week
- Sample Food Journal

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