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What I learned from Oprah’s yo-yo dieting? 🪀

❓Do you struggle with emotional eating❓

We did a recent survey and asked:
What’s the main mindset hurdle that you struggle with?

It was a landslide…
People struggle most with Emotional Eating. 😒😡😢😭😩😰🙄

I was listening to Oprah’s Super Soul Podcast, and she said something that clicked about emotional eating:

“As I get older, I can feel my body making shifts.  Everything is shifting… breasts, knees and attitude.  I marvel at my own sense of calm now.  Events that used to lead me reeling with my head in a bag of chips, no longer phase me.”

As a famous person, most of us know that Oprah has been through a million diets and has done a ton of soul searching through the years.  Her quote makes sense to me because I see it all the time…  

If you are NOT calm (stressed, worried, doubtful, overwhelmed, unhappy), this usually leads to emotional eating (or some kind of self-sabotaging habit).

If you ARE calm (happy, relaxed, confident that everything will work out), then it’s easy to be in control and release emotional eating.

I hope you see the big picture! ✨

“Chocolate” is not the true problem. 🍫

As a Nutritionist and Health Coach, I have many tips and strategies to kick sugar cravings on a physical level BUT…

The real root problem stems from your emotions and mindset. 🙏🏼

So I have a few questions for you:

  • If you really think about it, are you stressed the majority of the time? 😧
  • Do you worry a lot (about things that are out of your control)? 😓
  • Do you want everything to be just right?  And do you want it pronto? 😶
  • Are you always planning ahead (constantly chipping away at your to-do list)? 🤔
  • Do you start diets and crash two weeks in because cravings overwhelm you and become too much? 🤪
    At times, I am guilty of some of these things!  I am sure we all are.  

    So what can you do to conquer emotional eating?

    Instead of setting goals to eliminate sweets, you need to work on YOU.

    In our one-on-one coaching program, we help our clients with more than just nutrition and exercise.  We help our clients identify and fix self-sabotaging habits and limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck. 👐🏼

    Instead of another short-term fix or diet, we want to clarify the root issues that are keeping you stuck and help you create a realistic plan to meet your goals. 📈

    If you’re still reading and want to fix the self sabotaging emotional eating cycle, Click here to schedule your free consultation.  We dedicate 45 min to YOU. 📞

    We’ll get to the root cause of your problems and you get to decide if now is the right time for you to join us and ditch emotional eating once and for all 😊
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