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What does a nutritionist order when eating out?

This always cracks me up… 😆

Scenario: I’m at a party or out to eat with friends (acquaintances).  Unless they are my close friends who know me well, most people look at me nervously when food is around.

⏺️ “Is she going to judge me and what I ordered?”
⏺️ “I had a bad day today and I hope she doesn’t look at my plate.”
⏺️ “What is Betsy ordering?  I bet she ordered a salad.”
⏺️ “Does Betsy even drink alcohol?”

All my family and close friends know that I am 100% transparent.
So, you want the real deal?…

#1 – I am not judging you.  I honestly don’t care what you eat or drink.  Now if you are my client and you are paying for my help and support, then that is a different story. 📚

#2 – I pride myself for being real and down to earth.  I love martinis, chocolate, french fries, and pizza.  I don’t eat and drink this stuff all the time, but I surely don’t deprive myself.  I love the balanced life and strive to incorporate both sides: One side: I want to be a good role model for my kids, so our home is filled with healthier options and I make healthy balanced dinners most nights.  The other side: Being super strict is boring and will usually backfire. Our family enjoys eating out (and ordering what our heart desires) and we even celebrated one of Rosie’s accomplishments last night with an ice cream celebration.

Our society has been programmed with the thought that we need to deprive ourselves in order to drop weight and stay fit. We either have to eat less food or exercise harder to lose weight while constantly testing our willpower. ⚡

Right?  Just think about all the marketing poured into low calorie/low carb products and diets and all the calorie monitoring apps.   My friends, I’m here to tell you that the exact opposite is true.
▶️ Every time you deprive yourself…
▶️ Every time you go on another diet…
▶️ Every time your willpower is maxed out and you feel guilty for splurging…

You are creating an unhealthy cycle that is damaging your metabolism. 
This unhealthy cycle is also chipping away at your mental health, diminishing your self-esteem and causing more and more anxiety (activating your stress hormones). 😩

Here’s a huge secret that our society is NOT telling us.
When you have a damaged metabolism and your stress hormones are activated, it’s actually impossible to lose weight (and keep it off).

What’s the answer??
If this sounds amazing but you have no clue where to start, then you are at the right place… right here, right now.  This is what we do!
Click here to setup a free Metabolism Mastery Call! 📞 It’s a 45 min no-pressure call with a health coach, (me or Stacy).  We will help you identify the root causes of why your metabolism is damaged so you can reverse the unhealthy cycle and my favorite part… we come up with a realistic plan to help you gain control of your health.

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