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Turn your excuses into something positive 👍

You are the architect of your future.  Let’s create a life that feels good and you are proud of!

People always tell me that I am so calm 🙏, so happy 😁, and they are impressed with my organized home and healthy habits for my family. I couldn’t be any more proud of this life I created BUT I just want you to know that it didn’t magically happen. 

  • I used to be confused by nutrition (since my clinical education was so different from my holistic health training).  
  • I used to be the most impatient person in the world. 
  • I used to be very disorganized. 
  • I never handled stress well.  
  • I used to be unhappy (unfulfilled).
  • I used to pack on extra weight around my midsection.

Before I was a health coach, I used to have a million excuses:
“I was born impatient”
“Meditation does not work for me”
“It’s impossible to stay organized with kids and pets” 
“My life is just too busy – it’s so hard to juggle it all”
“I deserve these sweets (or drinks) because it was a tough day”

So how did I get out of this unhealthy cycle?
Since no one wants to hear the long story, the simplified answer is… I changed my mindset.
Instead of focusing on the negative (what I didn’t have, what I didn’t like, what drove me crazy), I shifted to a positive mindset filled with gratitude.  This shift does not happen overnight.  It’s taken years of daily practice (through yoga, meditation, journaling, reading, podcasts, etc.) to get where I am today.

If you are sick of everything happening to you and you want to take control, let’s start by adding one thing… 

What can you implement into your daily routine?

And if you need help… we are here for you!  

If you want to create a life that feels good and that you are proud of, click here to set up a free  (zero pressure) consultation.  Let’s talk about what’s working, what’s not working, and we are excited to help you map out a realistic plan to solve your problems.

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