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Trying to maintain healthy routines? Schedule keeps shifting?

Do you ever feel like your routine keeps changing?
Once you get into a healthy routine, life changes.  It’s always changing, right?

✔ Family come to visit for a week…
✔ Vacation…
✔ Family drama…
✔ Your work demands shift…
✔ The kid’s schedule changes…

The only constant in life is that it is always changing.
We need to go with the flow and adapt otherwise we will always be thrown off track.
This is easier said than done, right?

So the big question is… How do we maintain healthy routines when life is always throwing a curveball?

I actually have an easy one-sentence solution!
Do what feels “right”.

So what does this mean?  Here are some examples: 

✨Love to walk outside daily but it’s just too hot in the summer?  Makes sense! 

SOLUTION:  Just shift your routine to something that feels more enjoyable, like swimming or biking or an indoor treadmill during the hot months.

✨Before vacation, you were menu planning regularly and on track with your nutrition.  But you get back and feel totally off track. 

SOLUTION:  All you got to do is ask yourself, “What feels right?”… Let go of any guilt and ease back to a routine that feels good.

✨You create a healthy morning routine that includes meditation. You enjoy your non-rushed mornings.  But the kid’s school schedule changes and now you can’t fit in meditation anymore.

SOLUTION:  You may have to get creative and try out various routines to figure out what feels best and is sustainable.  Maybe go to bed earlier so you can have extra time in the morning.  Maybe get through your early obligations and set aside time for meditation after breakfast. Play around and be mindful of what feels right.

As you can tell, we encourage our clients to find their healthy mojo in positive ways (NOT through dieting, tracking every carb or calorie, and over exercising).   If you need help in this department, we are happy to offer you a free consultation.  Click here to schedule:

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