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Too much nutrition knowledge… Don’t know how to prioritize for YOU?

You would think that I mostly help people who are clueless about nutrition, however it’s quite the opposite!  Here is a common quote that I hear all the time: 

“I love to read and learn about nutrition.  I have a lot of knowledge BUT so much of it is conflicting and I have no clue how to apply it to my life and help myself.  All this information overwhelms me.”

Seriously, most of my clients know more about calories than I do.  Why… because I choose to ignore calories.  I used to work in the hospital setting and did tons of calorie counts.  Did I help anyone?… No.  My life and career changed in California when I was introduced to holistic nutrition, health and endocrinology.  I can now truly help my clients by focusing on balanced blood sugar, hormones, GI health and other root causes.

Most of my clients know more than me about all the “diets” out there.  Why… because I choose to stay focused on the big picture (healing your metabolism).  Even though there may be some good and awareness that comes out of dieting, they usually end up damaging your metabolism in the end and make you feel out of control. 

Instead of dabbling in everything and saturating your brain with too much conflicting information, focus on a common sense approach to help heal your metabolism.  Remember… it’s impossible to lose weight (and keep it off) until you work on your foundation first:

  • Stabilize your blood sugar and hormones
  • Work on stress management and mindset
  • Improve GI health
  • Detoxify your body and liver of the toxic stuff
  • Balance exercise for your lifestyle

If you are not sure where to start and looking for a full-proof plan to stay focused on the big picture, just set up a free consultation with me, Betsy. Once you fill out my questionnaire, we will be in touch to schedule you and figure out the best plan for YOU.

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