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The truth about losing weight without damaging your metabolism

After I graduated college and became a Registered Dietitian, I was ready to rock the nutrition world. 🌎 But I soon learned that my clinical education did not set me up for helping women like you.  With my schooling, I was taught lots of clinical formulas and it was easy to calculate someone’s metabolic rate (calorie needs).  However, I quickly learned that most women with a history of dieting have a damaged metabolism and those formulas and calculations do not work. 🧮

Learning lesson:
Calorie counting and deprivation is NOT a solution.  In fact, this way of living damages the metabolism.  At this point, I was frustrated with my clinical education and I was driven to understand how the metabolism really worked. Next, I became a Certified Personal Trainer and worked in the gym setting. 💪🏽 I enjoyed this motivated atmosphere, but I still couldn’t figure out how the metabolism worked.  In the gym world, you are supposed to work out hard and eat tons of protein and low carbs to build muscle and shred fat.  I soon realized that this was only a short-term quick fix and most people struggled with cravings, gained the weight back, and felt exhausted. 😫

Learning lesson:
High protein, low carb diets are not sustainable and this way of eating damages the metabolism. As I was learning what didn’t work, I was still in pursuit of finding real solutions to lose weight the right way. When my husband Brian and I moved to California, I started to see the light.  I worked with holistic doctors and was taught a whole new way to heal the body from the inside out. 🙏🏽 I worked for a famous endocrinologist, Dr. Schwarzbein, for a long time.  She helped me understand how blood sugar and hormones can make or break your metabolism.  When coaching hundreds of her patients, it became crystal clear that our daily habits and patterns have the biggest impact on our blood sugar, hormones and our metabolism. 📈

Ding, Ding, Ding:
🔔🔔🔔 I found the answers that I was looking for… In order to lose weight and keep it off naturally, you have to heal your metabolism.  And the only way to heal your metabolism is to stabilize your blood sugar and hormones with balanced nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits. Unfortunately, I had another hiccup.  I was motivated to share this new wealth of knowledge to the world.  Being the Type A go-getter that I am, I started a healthy meal delivery service in Santa Barbara (along with my consulting business and my busy family). I had a full staff and a full schedule. Let’s just say that my health and morale went downhill. 📉

Ding, Ding, Ding:
🔔🔔🔔 I had another realization. Just like all my clients, I needed more life balance. I enjoyed teaching nutrition and exercise, but I also craved more quality family time, simplicity, and peace in my mind.  This is when I started to teach yoga and meditation.   This is when I blended my passions with my career (nutrition, exercise, stress management, mindfulness, balanced family home). ⚖️
This was my turning point.

After this, I realized I HAD to help women who were struggling to heal their metabolism.  I HAD to help them find their way to a healthier body but also to a more balanced and enjoyable life. You may just be starting out.  Or maybe you’ve been trying to figure out your metabolism for a while.  Either way, the truth is:

If you want to take the fast track to getting results, the quickest way is to learn from those who have been where you are. ✨✨✨

Which is why I’d like to invite you to a free Metabolism Mastery Call. 📞📞📞

On this call, we’ll go over: A simple way to heal your metabolism, without having to calorie count, restrict carbs, or deprive yourself. The secret sauce to finding your life balance so this process of losing weight can be effortless. Did you know that you DON’T need to exercise every single day to lose weight?  And you will probably need to eat more food to lose weight? This means you can get the body you want without depriving yourself and spending hours at the gym. Plus a whole lot more…

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