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Stretching Tips

I work with so many people who are physically imbalanced.  Lots of people  sit in front of a computer or in a car all day with little activity to counterbalance this immobility.  On the other hand, there are many people who are physically active but repeat the same action or routine every time (like running or tennis with your right hand) which can imbalance your body.  As some of you know, I teach yoga and am a big fan because it helps to bring balance to your body and mind.  If you don’t have time for yoga (click here for more yoga information), it is important to at least stretch on a regular basis to maintain flexibility, prevent injuries, and anti-age yourself.  Here are a few key Stretching Tips (information obtained from the American College of Sports Medicine):

  1. How long should you hold a stretch for flexibility improvement?  Hold each stretch for 15-30 seconds.
  2. What is the optimal number of times to repeat a stretch?  2-4 repetitions is optimal.
  3. How many days a week should you stretch?  Each person differs but 5-7 days per week of some type of stretching routine is ideal.  2-3 days per week is minimum.

I think we are all guilty of either skipping the stretching session after a workout or minimizing the time we hold or repeat a stretch.  Stretching should be the enjoyable part of our workout.  Save time for a post workout stretch or include a regular stretching routine in the evenings when you are watching television (or whatever works for you).

Enjoy and try an entry yoga class if you are up for it!

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