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Ask yourself these questions when setting goals?

Recently, my business mentor asked me some essential questions to help me hit my new year’s business goals.   I like these questions because they really made me think.

Same goes for us trying to conquer our personal and health goals.  So when you set a goal for yourself, I want you to ask yourself these questions:

What structure do I need?

What supports do I need?
What accountability do I need?

What do I have to give up?
What do I have to add in?

What do I have to say NO to?

Here is an example… My client set a realistic and measurable goal to take exercise classes at the gym three days a week.  I then challenged my client to ask herself these questions.  After exploring more, we realized she needs more support and structure.  To reach her goal, she needs to find a gym that has daycare for her kids.  She also needs more structure so she scheduled every class into her calendar.

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