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5 Keys to True Happiness

IMG_1718“Happiness isn’t somewhere you end up if you are lucky. It’s a way of life.”  Everyone always tells me I am lucky but I am a firm believer that we create our own happiness.  Here are my keys to true happiness:)

  1. Be Healthy.  It is a fact that people who eat healthy and exercise have more energy, more motivation, better attitude, and feel better.  Think of your problem areas and make small changes in the right direction.  If you need help or support, I am always here for you.  My workbook is a great step by step program or we can do personalized menu planning.
  2. Be proud of yourself.  If you trying to be healthier, be proud of your new lifestyle changes, no matter how small they are.  Instead of focusing on the extra pounds that you need to lose, be proud of yourself for trying to eat healthier or drink more water or exercising more often.  Also, think about how you are a good person (Are you a good mom/dad? Good wife/husband?  Good friend?  Are you kind/loving/helpful?)  Be proud of all the ways you give back.
  3. Be grateful.  More money and higher status do not equal happiness.  You will be happy if you are truly grateful for what you have right now.  Here’s a homework assignment for you: Write out a Top 10 list of what you are thankful for.  Print it up and add pictures if you like. Post it somewhere that you will see it often and try to read it daily.  This technique of practicing gratitude will bring you lots of happiness.
  4. Slow down & take time for yourself.   Most of us are juggling too much and are in fast forward mode. Slow down your life by being more mindful.  When you are eating, chew your food and truly taste it.  Maybe take an extra 5-10 minute walk (work break) everyday and enjoy your scenery and deep breaths.  Think about activities that bring you joy (maybe arts/crafts, reading, prayer, exercise, etc) and make time for those things.  Considering adding yoga or meditation because they have been shown to create inner peace and happiness.
  5. Surround yourself with quality people.   Hanging out with negative people will bring you down.  Make a conscious decision to spend your limited time with quality people who will improve your life.  Their positive lifestyle and attitude will rub off on you.  And if you are truly unhappy with a relationship or something in your life, do something about it.  Start with better communication.

I am grateful that you are reading my article and I hope you find true happiness:)

Betsy Markle

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