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Set yourself up for success with your next vacation🌴

So many of you will be traveling this spring and I want to help you set yourself up for success.

What does that mean (set yourself up for success with your next vacation)?

When you are vacationing, I want you to have fun, feel relaxed, live in the moment, and feel good in your body. And then, I want it to be easy to transition back to healthy habits when you get back home.

Most people struggle with this because:

🌴 They hit it HARD on vacation (too many activities, too much food, too much alcohol).

🌴 After vacation, they are exhausted. Their wor kschedule is full and they cannot think clearly. Their energy is low and it’s hard to find the motiavtion to menu plan and exercise. Basically, they ened a vacation from their vacation.

We just got back from our Spring Break (7 days in El Salvador). 🏄🏽‍♀️

We went with another surfing family and had a blast! We met the kindest people and caught soooo many fun waves, along with some minor tummy troubles. 💩 It’s always an adventure in Central America.

This is how I set myself up for success with our family travels:

  • Check, we had fun! BUT we did not overbook ourselves with too much. So much fun was impromptu games, deep conversations, pool time and surf sessions.
  • Since we weren’t rushed, we all had our own special time. For me, that included meditation, journaling, stretching, reading and napping in the hammock.
  • I did not get anal with my nutrition during vacay (no guilt). Sure, I packed some bars and trail mix and tried to make decent decisions, but I thoroughly enjoyed the fresh smoothies and eating out (no cooking and dishes – YAY).
  • Easy back to work was not hard because we scheduled in one rest day before work and then Katie (my office manager) kept my schedule light on Day 1. I had time to food shop and get ready for my first week back and I even fit in a yoga class.

So I am now back in the groove and that brings me here with YOU, right now.

🌴 Do you have a tendency to fluctuate between extremes?

🌴 Not just on vacation, but during your everyday life?

This type of lifestyle stresses the body out! it not only depletes you of energy and motivation, but it damages your metabolism causing weight gain.

If you can relate and need some guidance, Click here to setup a free Metabolism Mastery Call! 📞 It’s a 45 min no-pressure call with a health coach, (me or Stacy).  We will help you identify the root causes of why your metabolism is damaged so you can reverse the unhealthy cycle and my favorite part… we come up with a realistic plan to help you gain control of your health.

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