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If you struggle with nighttime snacking, you need to read on!

I feel like there two categories of nighttime eaters.  Which one are you??

  1. The SWEET ones.  You know who you are… You crave ice cream, cookies, candy, chocolate, etc
  2. The SALTY ones.  Sweets may not be your thing, but chips and crackers and cheese talk to you.

No matter what kind of nighttime snacker you are, we need to figure out WHY so you can curb it.

If we never figure out the WHY and just try to use pure willpower to stop, I guarantee that your efforts will only add fuel to the fire.

And we all know the end results of nighttime binging… Weight gain, interrupted sleep, more cravings, feeling out of control, frustration, and disappointment.

Instead of giving you general tips for everyone, you need to investigate and figure out YOUR ROOT CAUSES.

Let’s break it down into two simple categories:

If your blood sugar is unstable through the day, this will lead to nighttime cravings.
If you consume a lot of sugar, it will continue to spark and fuel your cravings.  It is an addictive drug!

  • Do you have long gaps between meals?
  • Do you skip breakfast?
  • Do you eat the majority of your food in the second half of the day?
  • Do you eat fruit (by itself) as a snack?
  • Do you drink soda, sweet tea, juice, cow milk, or diet drinks?
  • Do you eat something sweet after most meals?
  • Are you purposely skipping carbs at meals?
  • Do you workout on an empty belly?
  • Do you wait over an hour to refuel after your workout?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, now you know possible reasons why you have late night cravings.

Are you trying to fill a void or problem in your life with food?

  • Feel stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed (most of the time)?
  • Do you internalize stress?
  • Feel like you deserve a reward after your tough day?
  • Do you struggle with life balance (family/work/money/time)?
  • Do you worry about things that are out of your control?
  • Are you bored at night?  
  • Sick of your evening routine?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, now you know possible reasons why you have late night cravings.

If you need help… We are here for you!  
If you want to create a balanced life that feels good and that you are proud of, click here to set up a free (zero pressure) consultation.  Let’s talk about what’s working, what’s not working, and we are excited to help you map out a realistic plan to solve your problems.

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