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Santa Barbara Restaurants

I still consider myself a newbie in this town, having lived in SB for less than a year after relocating from the East Coast.I’ve been slow to try many new places, because I prefer to make my own food, but when I do venture out, it’s usually because of someone’s recommendation.Finding ‘healthy’ fare in SB can be a challenge, but most places include items for the more discerning palate.The Natural Café is one of the first places I tried and although I don’t really consider it a favorite, it is a good standby.Fresco Café has several healthy options and I always find their food to be very fresh and flavorful.In Goleta, across from Trader Joes, there is a small place called Jungle George Grill that serves up tasty burgers and sandwiches.Their sides, such as sweet potato fries and onion rings, are ‘air popped’ NOT deep-fried.

Other Things Worth Noting…

John Dickson’s blog The Restaurant Guy is a great resource for restaurant info/reviews and food festivals.

Edible Santa Barbara a free magazine, found at the farmers market and local foodie shops, highlights the food culture in SB on a quarterly basis.

For the budget conscious, I recommend getting an SB Axxess Card.I share one with my brother and we periodically cash in on the “Buy 1, get 1 entree” at places around town.We bought ours at Lazy Acres.

Check out…you can purchase $25 gift certificates to area restaurants for ten bucks!

Don’t recycle that Clipper Magazine without a quick look through first!The latest one has coupons for Lazy Acres purchases. You can also find other coupons online at

By Maria Diaz, a Sunshine Wellness Chef

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