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Real answers about carbs🍞

Are you confused about Carbs? 🤔

I think it’s safe to say that our society has lots of conflicting views on carbs.

When starting with us, clients are always asking…

Should I go low carb❓

No carbs❓

How many carbs do I need❓

Which carbs are good/bad❓

Should I reduce carbs at the end of the day❓

I’ve got the answers, but first, I need to know if you suffer from any of these scenarios:

💥 “3pm comes and I feel exhausted.  I want to nap but I have to get through my day so I drink coffee or grab something sweet or processed.”
💥 “I can’t seem to control my cravings.  I’m pretty good all day but after dinner, something takes over my body and I NEED something sweet.”  
💥 “I feel great during my workout, but an hour or two later, I am ravenous.”  

If you can relate to any of these scenarios, then you are most likely off target with your carbs. Good news is that I have a clear approach to the “Carb Dilemma”.

3 Key Concepts to Clarify “The Carb Dilemma”

1. Eat carbs evenly through the day – portion controlled at every meal and snack.  Everybody’s portions may vary depending on their ideal body weight, activity level, health conditions, and stress levels.

2. Pick complex carbs!  This means they come from nature, like brown rice, beans, sweet potato, and fruit.  Personally, I still eat some crackers and bread that are made with whole ingredients. 

3. Make sure to always read ingredients! Some people may have special issues that may complicate things.  For example, many people are intolerant to gluten and need to avoid these types of carbs.  Another example: If you are diabetic or insulin resistant, you would need to monitor natural sugar grams closer.

Obviously, understanding carbohydrates may not be as simple (black/white) as most diets portray.

To truly heal your metabolism, there are so-o-o-o many pieces to the puzzle and personalized variables.  If you are ready to optimize your metabolism and find a clear path to reach your health goals, click on this link to setup your free Metabolism Mastery Call. 📞

We’ll dive in and figure out if you are on the right track or wrong track with your carbs, your nutrition, and your lifestyle habits.  

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