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Rate of Metabolism

Boost Your MetabolismQuiz: Rate Your Metabolism

Your metabolism is essentially the key to your health however it is probably the most underestimated and misunderstood concept. Most of my clients seek my services because they want to lose weight. This is a wonderful goal to work toward, especially since being overweight is a precursor to many different types of chronic ailments. However, my goal for each client is to go one step further and determine explanations for why their metabolism has slowed and their health has deteriorated. If you are able to heal your metabolism, you will no longer need to diet or count calories in order to maintain a healthy weight. In order to optimize your metabolism, I focus on three main factors: detoxification, digestion, and hormonal balance.

Answer this brief questionnaire to evaluate your nutrition and lifestyle habits that relate to these essential factors and rate your metabolism to determine the outlook of your future.

1. How many times a day do you eat?
a) 4-6 small meals/day    b) 3 or less large meals/day

2. Do you usually try to balance your meals and snacks with carbohydrates & protein?
a) Yes    b) No

3. Do you eat at least 3 servings of vegetables a day?
a) Yes     b) No

4. Do you handle stress well?
a) Yes     b) No

5. How many days a week do you exercise (sessions >30 minutes, hopefully a mix of cardiovascular & resistance training within the week)?
a) 4 or more days/wk    b) 3 or less days/week

6. Where do you do the majority of your food shopping?
a) Trader Joes/Lazy Acres/Whole Foods/Farmer’s Market     b) Ralphs/Vons/Albertsons/Costco

7. Do you use artificial sweeteners or drink diet beverages?
a) No    b) Yes

8. Do you like to eat something sweet every day?
a) No    b) Yes

9. Do you need caffeine to get through the day?
a) No     b) Yes

10. Do you drink 8 glasses of water a day?
a) Yes    b) No

11. Do you consistently eat on the run or in front of the computer?
a) No    b) Yes

Answer Key: A’s = 5 points, B’s = 0 points
Total points:
45 and above = Speedy Metabolism. You are doing a great job!
25-40 = OK Metabolism.  There are some lifestyle changes that you can work on to improve your metabolism and feel better for the present and future. For any questions that you answered b, these are the areas that you can make improvements to your metabolism.
20 and under = Slow Metabolism. Your poor habits are leading you down a scary path with probable health problems. It is essential that you start making healthy changes one step at a time. For any questions that you answered b, these are the areas that you can make improvements to your metabolism.
Sunshine Wellness offers many services that help clients heal their metabolism and reach their wellness goals. You are always welcome to call, (609)849-2222 or email us with your specific health concerns for a free consultation.
Sunshine Wellness Services:
Nutrition Consulting & 9 Day Natural Detox Program
Health Testing (Adrenal & Gastrointestinal Health)
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