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supplements you should takeI just sent out an article: Supplements You Should Take: Two Key Supplements For Everyone.  Yes, there are two essential supplements that I recommend for most everyone, but there are a few more get an honorary mention (for specific conditions).

To sum up my newsletter, here are my ultimate favorites for most of my clients (including children):
1. Potent & Pure Omega-3 fatty Acids
Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA/EPA) promote brain clarity, cellular integrity, insulin control, and are essential for a healthy heart and skin. For children, Omega-3’s are crucial for their brain development.
Chewable for children over 3
Liquid for children under 3
2. High Quality Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Supplement
A good multi addresses our limited ability to attain a wide range of vitamins and minerals from our food. After breastfeeding, children need a high quality multi as well.
Chewable Whole Foods Multi
Liquid Multi

There are many more supplements/products that are useful for certain symptoms:

  • Proflora Probiotics:Quality probiotics with multiple strains of bacteria are very helpful for people with GI issues, like bloating, poor digestion, constipation, IBS, and Diverticulitis. Most of all, it is essential for people to take high potency probiotics after the use of antibiotics!  I think this is especially important for children (children’s probiotic).
  • OxiPlus Antioxidants: A lot of people load up on Vitamin C for it’s immune boosting power, but you might as well take this broad range antioxidant supplement instead.  It contains 1000mg of C, 400IU of E, plus a lot more antioxidants (all in one product).
  • Cal/Mag/Zn w/D: This product has a 2:1 ratio of Calcium to Magnesium as well as extra Zn and Vitamin D for bone health. Menopausal or Peri-menopausal women are the most prone to bone loss.
  • Coenzyme Q10: CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant for the heart.  Statin drugs, like Lipitor, deplete CoQ10 levels so people on these drugs really need to supplement with CoQ10.
  • Prenatal Nutrients: This is my favorite prenatal multi because it’s potent, but yet mild for the most sensitive stomachs.  Most serving sizes for potent multi’s are 4-6 pills/day.  This one is only 2 caps.

Written by Betsy Markle, RD and Owner of Sunshine Wellness

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