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My Favorite Breads

Most breads are made of crappy ingredients like refined flour, corn syrup, and preservatives. Most brands, even whole grain and whole wheat breads, are highly processed carbs that promote inflammation in the body, weight gain and insulin resistance.

Lots of clients ask me ” What bread do you recommend?” Well I’ve done the research, tried lots of brands, and most importantly, I listen to my clients.Β  Here are my top four breads!Β  Obviously, there’s tons of brands out there.Β  If you have a favorite that you think is healthy and tasty, let me know.

Brands Gluten Free Clean Carbs

1 slice

Sugar Fiber Taste
Ezekiel Bread 😊😊😊 15 g 0 g 3 g Grainy, Hearty
Knock Your Sprouts Off 😊😊 11 g 1 g 2 g Grainy yet soft
Canyon Bakehouse βœ” 😊😊 16 g 2 g 1 g Hearty, Nutty
Sami’s Bread βœ” 😊😊😊 15 g 0 g 2 g Lighter in color + texture


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