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My EMBARRASSING story about Halloween candy 😳

🍭 Before I finally gained control of my health and cravings, my life felt unmanageable and my sweet cravings were BAD!

I have an embarrassing story! 😳
When we lived in NJ, we were dealing with some stressful family issues.  Even though I tried to be “Bubbly Betsy”, I was struggling.  This lead to emotional eating and lots of cravings.  One year after Halloween, I couldn’t stop eating candy.  I knew I needed to gain control so I bribed the kids with gifts and I was going to donate the candy for the troops.  On the way to the drop off spot, I was in the car alone with 10 pounds of candy and I gorged. I couldn’t stop myself.  As a nutritionist, this was an all time low point!  Once I donated it, I felt so relieved on the drive home.  At that point, I vowed that this was never going to happen to me again and I am proud to say that I have been in control ever since (98% of the time).

So you might be asking… How did I ditch the cravings and gain true control? 🙏🏼

Looking back, it’s easy to diagnose.
My mind was in a negative place and I let my emotions get out of control.
This had a cascading effect:

  • I wasn’t as motivated to plan ahead…
  • Less healthy choices readily available…
  • More emotional eating and comfort foods…
  • Unstable blood sugar…
  • More cravings…
  • Feelings of failure…
  • Poor self-esteem
  • And the cycle continued… Not motivated

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