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What Protein Powder Should I Use?

Anyone who knows me, understands that food comes first.  I am not a shake fanatic, but enjoying 1 smoothie a day is totally fine.  You just want to make sure that you pick the right protein powder and ingredients.  And try adding in greens and veggies to your smoothies for a health boost.

There are so many different protein powders out there…so what’s the best?  Whey and soy are the most popular protein powders in our society today, mostly because they are cheap and taste good.  But are they truly healthy?…No.   There are many other protein powders available, like rice, pea, hemp, egg white and many more.    My personal favorites based on their nutritional value and taste are pea and rice protein.   These are my 2 absolute favorite protein powders that I sell on my website:Protein-Powder

1.  Daily Sustain (Chocolate): This protein powder is so tasty – I feel like I am having a Wendy’s Frosty.  It is made from pea and rice protein and contains vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, superfruits, and greens.  I like to blend it with 1/2 banana, 1 tsp almond butter, handful of raw spinach, 1 cup ice and 1 cup water.

2.  Pure Lean (Vanilla): This protein powder is a mix of pea, rice and chia seeds.  It has a very mild natural vanilla flavor so I use it in my smoothies, oatmeal, pancakes, and other baked goods.  Here are some of my favorite recipes using Pure Lean: Healthy Blueberry Pancakes, Hearty Oatmeal


Here’s a some more information about Whey, Soy, Pea and Rice Protein:

Whey protein:

Whey contains dairy. Through research with hundreds of clients, I have found that dairy is one of the top foods that cause inflammation in the body.  Therefore, I rarely recommend Whey Protein.

2 Categories of Whey Protein

Whey Isolate: Extremely processed. Due to being highly processed, key amino acids are stripped from protein leaving it an incomplete protein. Manufactures take out the fat, which in the process is taking out immune boosting nutrients and properties.

Whey Concentrate: Whey concentrate is a much better choice that Whey Isolate because it is less processed.  However Whey Concentrate is still from dairy which causes inflammation in most people.  Therefore, I do not recommend using Whey Concentrate on a daily basis.

Soy Protein:

Soy protein is often chosen because it is dairy-free, but soy can be harmful to the body. Soy protein isolate is a very cheap ingredient that is known to cause inflammation, hinder digestion and disrupt hormones (your metabolism).  Soy is lacking essential amino acids Methionine and Cystine, therefore it is not a complete protein. Soy also contains protease inhibitors, which can block the enzymes that are needed for the digestion in proteins. Soy also contains phytoestrogens which mimic estrogen hormones in the body that can lead an increased risk in cancers in both men and women.

Pea Protein:

Pea protein is gluten free, dairy-free, and soy free, meaning that overall pea protein is less likely to cause inflammation in the body. Pea protein also contains branched amino acids, which together make up 40% of the daily requirement of amino acids in humans. It is a great source of protein for any person vegetarian or not.  Pea protein also has a good texture that blends well.

Rice Protein:

Rice protein is also gluten free, dairy-free and soy free.  It is known to be a hypoallergenic protein source suitable for anyone with GI issues. Similar to pea protein, it is a great choice for vegetarians but it also contains all the essential amino acids needed for muscle recovery and overall health for everyone, including extreme athletes.






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