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Too Busy to Eat Right?

too busyCan’t find the time to eat healthy and stay consistent on a balanced wellness plan?  Yes, I know this is a common problem BUT I need to call you out.  Here is something that you should always remember…Without your health, everything else means nothing.  You are unable to take care of your family, you are unable to work, and money is worthless.  So with that being said, I’d like you to fit in a few easy tasks into your day that will make a big impact on your health.

#1: Change your mentality.  Your health and nutrition have to become a priority in your life.  When this shift happens, you are more apt to schedule in menu planning, food prep, and exercise.  You will make better decisions and stay on a consistent plan.

#2: Start making food in bulk.  When making a meal, I am always thinking ahead and making extra. For example, when making rice or quinoa, use a rice cooker and make a large portion for the week.  I have many easy rice and quinoa recipes.  When baking chicken, cook it all.  You can add chicken to any meal or salad. Whenever I make a dinner salad, I automatically put some aside (undressed) for a lunch salad the next day.

#3: Set aside a little time for weekly food prep.  You don’t need a lot of time, but if you schedule in 30 minutes of weekly food prep, it will have a huge impact on your health.  I’ve designed a Prep Day Handout and here are my favorites that I make often: batch of hard boiled eggs, batch of healthy trail mix, baggies of veggies, Mason Jar salads, and large batches of soup (I freeze leftovers).

#4:  Menu Planning is key.  If you are the type of person who shops mindlessly at the supermarket from meal to meal, you need my help!  First of all, you need a plan.  Before shopping, write down some meals and snacks that you’d like to make, as well as a shopping list.  If you have trouble with this process, you should setup a meeting with me.  I can design you and your family a realistic menu plan so it is easy to food shop and prep.

#5: Water, water, water.  Simply said, just drink a ton of water throughout the day and skip all the sodas and juices.  Coffee and alcohol should be in moderation.

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