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I am a Nutritionist. This is my typical menu plan.

Betsy food prepI always try to give my clients realistic menu ideas and recipes.  However sometimes it’s easier to just spell it out for you.  Here is a typical day for me (one of my better days).  Overall, I strive to eat clean (minimal processed foods), low sugar, lots of veggies, light on the meats, low gluten and dairy.

PS: These are my favorite resources for more easy menu ideas and recipes.

  1. My Workbook and Resource Guide has tons of meal ideas, shopping lists, and eating out guide. You can order it on my website or Amazon.
  2. I am always posting new recipes on my website.  They are categorized by Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks.
  3. My Healthy Weight Loss Menu is a great resource with a full menu, shopping list and recipes.

Betsy’s Typical Day:

  • 6:30 (Wake-up): Drink a large glass of water or hot tea
  • 7:00 (Breakfast): Egg scramble with veggies and black beans.  Vitamins (Multi, Fish oil, Probiotic, and Vitamin D) with water.
  • 9:00 (Workout)
  • 10:30 (Snack): Smoothie with Daily Sustain Protein, spinach, sunflower seed butter, banana, water and ice
  • 1:00 (Lunch): Mason Jar salad with greens, carrots, celery, chick peas, hard boiled egg, walnuts, olives, and feta
  • 3:00 (Snack): Apple with peanut butter
  • 6:00 (Dinner): Soup/Stew and Salad


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